Lunch Program

Our cafeteria serves breakfast and lunch every day, including Early Release days.  
All students eat breakfast and lunch for free*.

Student Meal Costs (No adults are allowed to charge)
Breakfast Free
Lunch Free 

Adult Meal Costs (No adults are allowed to charge)
Breakfast $3.30
Lunch $5.15
*NOTE: The Dorchester District 4 School Board voted in 2014 to participate in the Community Eligibility Provision of the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010. This means that all children will eat free for breakfast and lunch.  There will be no applications sent home as children will not be classified as free, reduced, and paid; however, they will still have to pass the cashier and give their name or number to ensure they are served only one meal for breakfast and for lunch.  Breakfast and lunch meals follow the Department of Agriculture (USDA) Guidelines for healthy school meals.  Please encourage your child to participate in the school meal programs and help us to make this program a success.  
Special sales items will be sold ala carte during lunch.  All items sold will meet the Smart Snacks Guidelines. A list of items and prices is available on the District's Website.  These items must be paid for in advance or as the student (or adult) passes the cashier.  
If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please call the Director of Food Services, Kevin Earle, at 563-4535 OR WMES Cafeteria Manager, Rosa Lemon, at 563-5919.
+All entrees, including salads, may have any fruits or vegetables offered.