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Math and Science

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I grew up in Ridgeville helping my grandfather in his gas station.  He taught me how to run the "old fashion"  manual cash register and how to make change.  Back then, the register didn't tell you how much change to give the customer like the ones now.  I went on to graduate high school in Harleyville in 1981 and left for college.  That is where I met my college sweetheart who is now my husband of 38 years.  Michael and I are extremely proud of our two adult sons, Taylor and Preston.  Taylor is married to Kristen.  They have two fabulous little girls, Rylee and Madison. They have my husband and me wrapped around their little fingers! Preston is married to Billy who is a 7th grade science teacher. They welcomed their first baby in June. Sawyer is the joy of our hearts. Before deciding to become a teacher, I worked at Lieber Correctional Institution.  Working with children is a lot more fun and rewarding!



I received my Bachelor's degree from University of South Carolina in Elementary Education in 1993 and my Master's degree from Columbia College in 2005.  I am a National Board Certified Teacher in Middle Childhood Generalist. I received my NB certificate in 2002 and renewed it in 2012.  I am a STEM certified teacher.  My entire educational career has been in Dorchester District 4. I began at St. George Elementary as a third grade teacher. When we moved to Williams Memorial Elementary, I taught fifth grade and fourth grade. I am extremely proud and humbled to have been named Dorchester Four District Teacher of the Year in 2000 and in 2005.  I am excited to teach STEM Lab this year and integrate all of my knowledge in math and science.

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