Nenita Santoyo

Elementary Teacher


Courses Taught:

Reading, Writing, & Math

Nenita Santoyo


I am an international teacher, born and raised in the Philippines, a country located in the southeastern coast of Asia. It is an archipelago with over 7,600 islands. I have an amazing daughter, and she is presently studying at Cane Bay High School.


General Education – 14 years

Special Education – 13 years


I have taught in general education elementary level for 14 years. During these years, I experienced handling students from 3rd to 5th grade and was able to teach various subjects such as Music, Arts, Math, English, and Computer. I became a subject coordinator for three years. Also, I helped my school with their yearly field and foundation activities since the beginning of my career there.

After I finished my master’s degree in special education, I embraced the special education world and found myself in love with this field for thirteen years now. During these years, I worked in a public school in Houston, Texas, and taught there as a resource teacher for three years. I also accepted a job in an International School in the Philippines, where I spearheaded creating a Special Education Program; became the coordinator and the head in said department. This year is my 5th year as an elementary education teacher at Williams Memorial Elementary School.